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Consider a Google Chromebook if you’re looking for a new laptop. These laptops run Chrome OS instead of traditional operating systems like Windows or macOS. Because they are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, most applications and data reside in the cloud. As a bonus, Chromebooks are typically cheaper and faster to start up than traditional laptops.

Why you Need a VPN for a Chromebook

Chromebook VPN creates a secure connection over the public Internet by encrypting your data. This way, you can access networks as if you were physically present.

When you couple a Chromebook with a virtual private network (VPN), you get an affordable laptop that allows you to do daily online activities — like checking your email and streaming videos — while still benefitting from the IP-spoofing and encryption capabilities of the VPN. Remember: you’ll need a VPN service that offers either a Chrome extension client, an Android VPN, or manual configuration options for your chosen VPN.

How to Install a VPN App on Your Chromebook

You can download a VPN onto your Chrome OS by visiting the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to install a VPN app on your device.

  • Locate and click to open the Play Store icon on your Chromebook’s desktop or menu.
  • Type the name of the VPN you wish to install into the search bar.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Open the installed VPN app on your desktop. At this point, you may be redirected to sign up for a VPN service plan and enter your information to create a service account.
  • Navigate back to the VPN app window. Click on a button or toggle labelled “Connect” to establish a VPN connection.

Can I use a VPN on a school Chromebook?

Chromebooks are designed for students and have multiple uses, such as online learning. They’re cheaper than most laptops, have a longer battery life, and come with installed educational apps.

If attempting to install a VPN on a school Chromebook, you should seek aid from your school’s IT department.


An ExpressVPN subscription is a perfect way to keep your Chromebook data safe and secure. With 256-bit AES encryption and a strict no-logs policy, you can be sure that your data is in good hands. Plus, with a built-in ad blocker, tracking blocker, and malware blocker, you’ll be able to browse the web worry-free.

If you’re looking to stream, it’s worth noting that ExpressVPN consistently provides access to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer.

The service has a limit of five devices simultaneously, fewer than most other foremost Chromebook VPNs provide. So, in addition to your Chromebook, you can use Android devices, Mac, Windows and iOS products with the service.


NordVPN is an excellent VPN service for Chromebooks because it will keep your connection secure, safeguard your privacy, and give you access to websites and content that may be blocked in your country.

NordVPN has always performed well and currently peaks at 730-760Mbps. Not to mention, its geo-unblocking capabilities can bypass blocks on foreign content on popular streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Prime Video. Furthermore, it’s one of the best Netflix VPN services out there and outperforms ExpressVPN in accessing country exclusives worldwide.

Not only does NordVPN have a great selection of features for Chromebook users, but it also includes powerful tools like SmartDNS and split tunnelling. In addition, its CyberSec feature blocks malicious websites and pop-ups, making it an excellent choice for anyone concerned about online security. And with its dark web monitor feature, you can rest assured that your data is safe from hackers.


If you want a reliable VPN for your Chromebook, IPVanish is an excellent choice. It has apps compatible with many devices, including Chromebooks. Plus, it offers military-grade encryption to keep your data extra secure.

Have you been curious about how to set up a VPN on your Chromebook? If so, IPVanish has got you covered. While its dashboard is pretty easy to use, some might take longer because of all the features included.

IPVanish’s prices are average, neither too high nor too low. The most extended subscription plan is $3.99/month. Only the annual subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so keep that in mind.


If you want a VPN for your Chromebook, these are some of the best ones available. ExpressVPN, NordVPN and IPvanish all have great features and different pricing options. You can learn more about each service by visiting their websites.

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