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Plex VPN

Plex is a media server application that allows you to store all your media in one place and access it from any device. It organizes your media files and makes it easy to play them on any device. You can also use Plex to stream online video content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

How to Setup a Plex?

To use Plex, you must first install the application on your server. Once installed, you’ll need to add your media files to the server. You can either add them manually or use one of the many plugins available for popular applications like iTunes and Netflix. Once your media files are added, you can then start streaming them to any device that has Plex installed. You can download the media server and app versions of Plex from the Plex website.

Plex with a VPN

Plex allows you to access all of your media from anywhere, whether it’s on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You may utilize a home Plex server to construct your own personal streaming service or use Plex to access existing streaming services. A VPN can anonymize and encrypt the IP address of your Plex server, keeping you safe from snoopers and hackers.

Plex, another popular media player with XBMC origins, can also stream content like Kodi through the use of add-ons called “channels.” Some well-known channels include BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Comedy Central, Crackle, and Crunchyroll. A downside to many of these streaming channels is that the content is often region-locked–available only in certain countries. The most effective way to bypass this geo-restriction and unblock Plex channels is by using a VPN service.

Learn How to Use a VPN with Plex for Streaming

If you want to be able to stream region-locked content from another country, follow these steps:

  • To get started, sign up for a VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or IPavisnh.
  • You will need to download and install the VPN app on any device you plan to use, Plex.
  • Select a location in your VPN app that corresponds with the streaming service you’re trying to unblock. For example, select a UK location if you want to access BBC iPlayer.
  • After that, select the Connect option and wait a few moments for the connection to be established.

Start streaming your favorite location-restricted content with Plex! The VPN should remain active in the background. This works well if you’re using the Plex client to view stuff. Keep reading if you want to use a VPN on your Plex server at home.

How to Use Plex Remote Access with VPN

Now that we have looked into some advantages of using a VPN with Plex remote access let’s start learning how to set it up. This section will go through configuring your server and client for VPN connections. In addition, we will provide some helpful advice on choosing a VPN provider that fits your requirements.

To configure your Plex media server for remote access, you’ll first need to consider the platform. The process might differ depending on which one you’re using, but the steps will remain fundamentally the same.

To start, go to your Plex settings and select the Server tab. Then, find the Remote Access tab and make sure that Enable Remote Access is checked.

After you’ve enabled remote access, route internet traffic to your Plex media server by adding a port forwarding rule to your router, the required port number is displayed in the Remote Access section of Plex’s settings.

If you’re uncertain how to add a port forwarding rule, look over your router’s documentation or reach out to your ISP for assistance.

After you sign in to your account on plex, tv, this will permit you to access your server from any location globally.

How do I Watch Movies on Plex?

To start, visit the Plex website and click “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner. Enter your email address and a password to create an account, then click “Launch” in the same spot to access Plex’s free streaming content. You can explore movies, TV shows, web series, news programs, podcasts, and music from the left menu pane.


There’s no risk in giving Plex a go since the best aspects are free. If you need content for your media server, try downloading some public-domain films and giving them a shot. Setting up a Plex server generally takes less than half an hour, and installing an app assumes even less time.

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